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Interested in reading unbiased hair clipper reviews and ratings? You’ve come to the right place. Choosing the best hair clipper out there isn’t difficult because there are many fantastic home hair clippers and professional hair clippers on the market. The real question is: Which electric hair clippers should I choose? What key features should I look for and what makes a clipper the best hair trimmer for my needs? These are important questions to ask when you want to buy hair clippers.

The electric hair clipper is a brilliant modern day invention. It just doesn’t make sense to pay $20 or much more at the barber’s every now and then when you can own a set of hair clippers and do it yourself. It is not just more convenient, but it saves you a lot of money as well in the long run. Especially if you’re not just cutting your own hair. If you think about it carefully, you can instantly break even on the cost of buying hair clippers if you only use them just once on yourself, your child, spouse or other family members.

Your hair clipper is as important as any other accessory in your bathroom. It will determine the kind of hair day you’ll have every day, and since most of us want to look our best, it’s necessary to choose the best hair clipper out there for your needs. In order to get the best home hair clippers, you need to not only read hair clipper reviews but learn more about how hair clippers work in general.

The concept behind electric hair clippers is simple: a sharp blade is placed behind a comb, and with each hair clipper package, you get different sized combs so that you can adjust the blade by changing the comb and exposing just how much blade you need. A longer blade (shorter comb) will give a short cut and vice versa. And then there are the balding clippers, so-named because they only offer one length attachment and their main function is to shave the head entirely or as much as possible.

Types of Best Hair Clippers on the Market

All these companies are specialists in mens hair clippers, ladies hair clippers and kids hair clippers. Getting hair cutting clippers from them is likely to be a wise investment. In general, I highly recommend that you avoid hair clippers that are unbranded – they are usually low quality and might leave you with a terrible hair cut. Yes, they may be cheap but they have terrible hair clipper ratings, which is a warning sign you should heed.There are many different hair clippers in the market today. If you look online or ask around for the best rated ones, you’ll come across brands like Wahl, Oster, Remington, Andis, Babyliss, and Conair. All of them are long-standing brands in the hair grooming and removal industry. And the good thing is that you can easily find lots of Wahl hair clipper reviews, Oster hair clipper reviews, Andis clipper reviews and other professional hair clipper reviews on the internet. This is a good thing because it shows that people are finding hair clippers to be useful.

As mentioned above, the best hair clippers are designed for both professional and home use, and they can be either corded or uncorded. Each has its own suitability: for professional use in salon, a corded clipper is essential because the clipper will be used constantly in a day and it can be very troublesome to recharge the batteries every so often. For home use however, it may be better to use cordless hair clippers for convenience’s sake.

Imagine trying to get your hair cut and getting entangled in the electric cord! And since you’re not cutting your hair every day, a cordless hair clipper is more than enough for your needs. Cordless clippers usually score really well on most hair clipper reviews online because of their ease-of-use adds additional value.

My Tips on Choosing the Best Hair Clippers

There are things to look out for when choosing a good hair clipper:

  1. Get hair clippers with excellent rust-resistant blades. Clippers are generally sensitive and doing anything with it other that just shaving can sometimes leave them dead. Sharpening blades is one of the things that will knock them out pretty fast. Try one with titanium blades. Generally most hair clippers will not rust, unless you choose one that is poorly made.
  2. Make sure you get the right comb attachments for your hair clipper. This should fit well with the kind of hair length you want to have. Also look at the blade guards, which will help to keep your blades sharper for longer. Not all models will have them. Some hair clippers will also only come with a few length attachments, this obviously limits your creativity when cutting hair. Others will give you a great range of length attachments. Pay careful attention to hair clipper reviews and look out for mentions of length attachments.
  3. Avoid buying in the barber shop – that’s a way to get ripped off, especially by the expensive salons. In the first place, you will not be able to make comparisons. It’s always best to get some research done on the web by reading hair clipper reviews and then make a purchase from a trustworthy marketplace or retail store. The barber will not sell you the best that he has got, and he also may not have the time to find the best clippers in the market.
  4. Find out the lifespan and durability of the hair clipper. The life is determined by the motor, and some have been known to not last longer than a year although they were working perfectly. This is something you can discern by reading electric hair clipper reviews online and on this website (for example).

Where Can You Find the Best Hair Clippers?

Hair clippers can be bought from the electronics section of general department stores like Target, Walmart or Staples. You can also find them in specialty stores that sell personal grooming products like electric shavers, beard trimmers and the other shaving products.

I usually buy my hair clippers online because of the convenience as well. There’s no need to pay for gas and you don’t have to waste precious time driving to the mall and jostling with the crowds. Because websites like offer free shipping for most hair clippers, you actually save money by buying hair clippers on the internet.

If you’re looking to buy a hair clipper anytime soon, I highly recommend that you consider purchasing through or any other reliable merchant because of the incredible time and cost savings.

My Personal Recommendations for the Best Hair Clippers

Over the years, I’ve used many hair clippers and have bought many of them for friends and family. After trying them out, I’ve written many detailed hair clipper reviews that will help you to compare hair clippers and their features for your needs.

Out of all the hair clippers I’ve ever tried, the list of hair clippers below are my personal favorites. These are absolutely the best hair clippers in the market right now. If you have to buy a hair clipper, pick one from the list below. These clippers are excellent in every way and are very popular with many buyers. Trust me, you won’t be disappointed.

In my opinion, here are the top 3 professional hair clippers in the market right now.

Our Top Recommendation

OSTER Classic 76 Hair Clipper. This is a legendary hair clipper. Used by barbers all over the world, this is a professional hair clipper with excellent features and build quality.

The heavy duty motor in this clipper is powerful and has no problem cutting quickly through thick hair or wet hair while also giving a great, even cut. This sturdy clipper is made of valox material, and the housing won’t break. This clipper is a great value and makes do-it-yourself haircuts simple, quick, and efficient. If you can only choose one hair clipper, this one would be it. Highly recommended.

Also Recommended

Andis 22315BGC2 Excel 2-Speed Professional Clipper. I wanted to get a quality clipper since I regularly cut my hair and my sons’ hair and chose the Andis 22315BGC2 after doing a lot of research. One point that sold me is that it’s made in the USA. I also like the fact that it’s maintenance free. No oiling of internal parts is needed. It has a contoured fit and is comfortable in my hand.

Most importantly, this professional-grade clipper has a powerful rotary motor that runs at a high speed and cuts hair accurately and quickly, even when it’s wet. This clipper is a good investment. It’s built to last, and I have no doubt we’ll get years of use out of it.

Also Recommended

Oster Professional 76023-510 Fast Feed Clipper with Adjustable Blade. This is one of the best hair clippers I’ve ever used, and I’ve been through a lot of them over the years. I cut my own hair and my sons’ hair with this clipper, and we all like how quiet it is. It’s very comfortable to use. It’s two times more powerful than a magnetic motor clipper, and the hair falls away rather than getting clogged as I’m cutting.

Cutting hair is quick with this clipper; and I’m able to cut accurately, which means I get great results. The blade is adjustable and makes it easy to change the length of cut from very close to medium. Don’t waste your time with other, cheaper clippers. Get this one, and you’ll be very glad you did.

If you’re looking for a hair clipper that’s specially designed for young children only, here is the best kids clipper:

Philips Norelco CC5060 Kids Clipper. My youngest son has been very skittish about getting haircuts. I decided to get the Philips Norelco CC5060 Kids Clipper in the hopes it would help the situation. This clipper comes with great accessories: a storage pouch, styling comb and scissors, a cape that catches hair, and a how-to DVD that demonstrates how to give the most popular kid cuts.

Cutting my little guy’s hair with this clipper, he was definitely less intimidated by the clipper. The fact that it’s cordless helped, too, I believe. The clipper is pretty quiet, and it has self-sharpening blades. It’s maintenance-free – no oil is required. My wife cut his hair, and she likes how compact and light the clipper is and the rounded tips that protect from nipping. So, thanks to this clipper designed with kids in mind, our little problem was solved. Get this clipper for cutting your kids’ hair. It’s a great value.

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